HUGE Halibut with Kurt Ferse


I have been guiding in Alaska for eight years now and this gigantic halibut landed last August provided me with one of the best fish stories of my career.  On the last morning of our trip, we headed to Jackson Island to try and mooch up a few more silvers to finish off what had already been an epic trip.  I baited up one rod and Carson sent it down for the first drop of the morning.  We had spent the previous day pulling on the hard gear looking for a big halibut, but couldn’t find anything over about thirty pounds.  As I began to bait up another rod, Carson’s rod bent in half in slow motion.  Bottom, great.  Then the bottom took off out to sea with no hint of stopping! 

I had never tested the salmon rods with something this big and I wasn’t sure we would be able to land the monster.  Carson, who had just returned from his second tour in Iraq, was ready for the challenge.  Carson was armed with a Fetha Styx Alaska Pro Series 865.  It was an hour before we even got a look at this monster and another thirty-five minuets before it was in the boat, stretching nearly seven feet across the deck!  At the dock this baby tipped the scales at just over 266 pounds!  One of the largest halibut ever landed on a salmon rod in Waterfall’s extensive history.  Come fish with me at Waterfall Resort off the coast of Prince of Whales Island in Southeast Alaska and make your own Fetha Styx fish story!  I now have an all-Fetha Styx quiver to offer guests on my boat for both salmon and bottom fish.  Guests have been loving the rods and I can’t wait to try out some of the new 2010 models!

Kurt Ferse, Captain and Guide
Boat #16, Waterfall Resort

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  1. AT says:

    I’ll bet the buttcheeks were delectible…

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