Chris Williams Kayak Fishing in Panama City, FL

Chris Williams kayak fishing

I recently had the privilege of fishing with a good friend of mine, Captain Linda Cavitt, this past September. She is the premier inshore kayak fishing guide in Panama City, FL. I was down in Panama City on business for the week and had a morning off, so I booked a trip with her to check out the new kayak fishing craze. Let me tell you, it is one of the most rewarding fishing you can do. I had an absolute blast. There was just something special about paddling out on your own and tracking down redfish and trout on the flats.

Chris William redfishI can’t say enough about the level of professionalism Captain Linda had. She truly is on top of her game. We were on good-sized reds and trout the entire trip. I managed to find my stability on my kayak and stand up so I could sight fish some. The new Hobie Outbacks are incredibly stable by the way! This proved to be my most productive move of the day. After I stood up, the fish seem to be at the end of every dock we hit. My bait of choice was yet again, a white Slayer Inc 1/8 oz jig head paired up with a smoke color Z-Man Minnowz and it proved to be the only productive lure of the day.

If you’re ever interested in doing some kayak fishing, I highly recommend Captain Linda. She is a true professional and provides everything you need to fish with except a fishing license. Go check out her website, she has a bunch of awesome fishing videos and all of her guide information listed on her site. I definitely plan to do this again.

Tight Lines,

Chris W.
Team Fish Happens

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2 Responses to Chris Williams Kayak Fishing in Panama City, FL

  1. Bev says:

    Oh My!! We are not far from Panama City and will be certain to look her up. I spent part of a day last week in Columbus, Georgia where they are building the water kayak rapids for tourists and it is so exciting to see this
    fad come to the southeast. Your writing is addictive.

  2. Bev,

    Thank for the response. Captain Linda is in a league of her own in Panama City, FL. She is a wonderful guide and true steward to the water. Go check out her website that I listed in the article and give her a shout. Tell her Captain Chris from Fish Happens sent you. You wont regret the trip.

    Tight Lines,
    Captain Chris W.

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