Highly Discounted Factory Seconds Fishing Rods Now Available!

We’re very happy to announce that we now have a limited stock of Factory Seconds at the Fetha Styx Office in Redmond.  These rods are an excellent opportunity for people who don’t mind cosmetic blemishes, but want to find a great price on a new fishing rod.  A couple examples of cosmetic blemishes include wrong stickers, chunk out of the cork, or just general aesthetic flaws.  These rods still fish with the same performance as any of our other rods!

Call the office at 425-376-0200 or stop by and see what we have on hand!

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14 Responses to Highly Discounted Factory Seconds Fishing Rods Now Available!

  1. john grinter says:

    Love your work.

    Wondering about factory blems.

    Looking for 2 or 3 different rods: a spinning rod for silvers,7 -8Feet length, 2 pc preferable.match to a shimano symetre 10 -12 lb.
    2nd rod would be a downrigger rod. Alightweight mooching/downrigger rod for 15lb line.

    3rd rod would be a classic salmon downrigger rod. I’m trying to replace a “Fenglas”. Give me some glass!

    Happy to talk,

    John Grinter

    • admin says:

      Hey John,

      We have a Downrigger 10ft 6inch factory second which is around 150 bucks plus tax VS. 200 plus. We have some 8ft 6inch 10-17lb rods I believe left.

      The office is always open for customers to walk in at 17371 NE 67th Court #a-7 Redmond, WA 98052.

  2. Kevin Peterson says:

    Do you have weekend hours available at the office and do you have an updated list of factory blemishes for sale?

    • admin says:

      Hey Kevin, your best best is to call us at the office at 425 376 0200 and we’ll be able to update you on what Seconds rods we currently have.

  3. Luke says:


    I’m looking for a spinning, 8.6 feet long with about 8-20lb line rating. is there any? and how much?

  4. admin says:

    Hey Luke, we do have one of those sitting in our office for $135. Give a call to 425 376 0200 for directions. Thanks!

  5. Tyler Brinks says:

    Do you have any bass rods, 6’6″-7″?

  6. brandt says:

    any 10’6″ salmon or downriggers?

  7. chris says:

    Looking for a steelhead casting rod 10′ rated 6-12 or so and a salmon casting 9.5- 10.5 mod action

  8. pat caputo says:

    just wonderin what rods u have for dicounted fectory seconds,looking for a spinning 9ft or more,and a casting rod thats an all arounder mostly bouncin lead,thanks.

  9. Cary Williams says:

    looking for a 923-2C…

  10. Adam says:

    I’m looking for a float rod (spinning )

    In the 10ft6 to 12ft 6 range.


  11. Eric warren says:

    Looking for a float rod (spinning) between 12’3″ & 13′

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